Life is all about choices, but joy, true joy, comes after you have peace.

The late Joseph Fort Newton declared there were but three avenues open to the individual, and “the joy of life” is dependent upon the choice. They are: rebellion, resignation, and reconciliation.
If we are to strive for peace, then why do we look for man to do what we cannot do ourselves?  Are we not ourselves just as flesh and blood as everyone else?  This issue represents a much deeper problem.  This issue must cause us to stop and take an inward look at our own hearts.  Even the prophet Isaiah bore witness to this very issue of civil unrest in his time.  The people of His day were relying on themselves far too much and not enough on God.  The book of Isaiah chapters one and two show a great distress between the creation and the Creator.  This unrest was not what God had intended for His people.  This unrest only led to the people living in sin and rebellion, much as we see in this present situation.  The issue was man was relying on the flesh so much that they refused to see God for what He is.  This issue was so strong that in chapter two verse twenty-two Isaiah wrote the words from God which has stuck with me, and I hope that they can cause you to deeply consider them too.

      22       Stop regarding man
in whose nostrils is breath,
for of what account is he?
God wants us to see that man is nothing to regard, yet we do regard man so.  Man doesn’t even have a breath of life in his own lungs, rather it was given to us by the only thing that can ever sustain us.  God wants to be in relationship with you.  This unrest will pass but only joy, peace, and happiness can come from God.  Stop letting the world tell you to celebrate or hate the pinnacle of God’s creation.  Rather, seek God and you will find Him. After all, we are all made in the image of the Creator and none of us are perfect so let us become unified in the one true sense of hope that any of us really have.
Church I am praying for peace, your peace with God, not a political candidate.

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