My Purpose is………?

One of the most sought-after answers in the world today is, “what is my purpose on this earth”.  Some people have spent most of their lives searching for that very answer.  At some point and time, we have all asked ourselves this very question.  Some of you are seeking that answer at this very moment,... Continue Reading →

Wisdom & Understanding

Wisdom, what is it and how does one acquire it?  The world defines wisdom as: the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise. I feel that this definition exposes a lack of true intentionality, and provides little depth.   I have come to the understanding that, wisdom is not something... Continue Reading →


Responsibility This term can have many different definitions and many different images depending on whom you ask.  For the sake of argument, a brief understanding of responsibility can help us render our everyday lives with a little clarity and with a little ease.  Responsibility is defined by Webster Merriam as: the state or fact of... Continue Reading →

What do we do when God says no?

What happens now, what do i do now that God has told me "no"?  The thoughts that rage throughout my mind are endless, yet I know that God has not abandoned me, He has simply told me that His will is greater than my wants! Isaiah prophesied the words of God saying, “For My thoughts are not your... Continue Reading →

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