This term can have many different definitions and many different images depending on whom you ask.  For the sake of argument, a brief understanding of responsibility can help us render our everyday lives with a little clarity and with a little ease.  Responsibility is defined by Webster Merriam as:

    1. the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone:

The very idea that responsibility, can and does, often times force us to see both the good and bad in many situations.  While many may want to focus on the good, the other side of this coin is that many want to focus on the bad.  Responsibility therefore comes in two forms:

Repercussions            vs.              Reward

In order to live a more balanced life we must take the “blue with the gray” when it comes to responsibility.  If we teach too much repercussion then we tend to lose sight of grace and mercy, while teaching too much reward we lose sight of consequences for actions.  What is the balance and how should we define this for our own lives?  Both of these answers will come from your culture and your moral compass.  What lens do you view the world you live in verses the lens you follow out your actions?  If you have multiple lenses then one can only imagine you become tired easily, however if you only have one lens then who decides what lens that is?

It should come as no surprise that I subscribe to a Biblical lens when it comes to the notion of responsibility.  With that said, I offer the very same lens to anyone who struggles with finding their own identity which results in the scope of a moral compass. The Bibles give us the frame work we need to better understand why His way is the only way to finding both a relationship and a hopeful eternity.  While I understand that no one is perfect, I can look at my own life and attest to this.  I have gotten into more situations than I ever want to admit, but I now have a lens in which I can view my responsibility and have certainty that as long as I look through this lens, I will fail at times, I will always have a reason and a hope to keep trying.  May the Love of the Lord always find you in all life’s twists and turns.  May you find the peace you seek and long for, and may you seek to bring clarity to your life.

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