Temptation & Doubt

      Many times, we stumble through life’s many valley’s and trials, yet seeking the answer to the question “what does it all mean”.  During these times, we are often faced with temptation or doubt, and sometimes both.  Though, they seem to go hand in hand we can experience them apart from each other, as well as, together.  How do we handle them?  Those of us who profess to follow Christ, we often turn to God’s word for comfort, other times we try to figure it out on our own with little or no success.  We often times, try to ask for advice from others who have going down similar paths.  This tends to help, in the sense that we don’t feel alone, or abandoned.  Does it always work, or do you find yourself asking the same question yet again?

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I want to first, break down the narrative of this question, by doing some self-analysis.  How do you view temptation?  Take a couple of minutes and write down your thoughts.  What is temptation, and why do I find myself tempted more times than not?  I hope that you are honest with yourself in this mini-evaluation.  Does your temptation lead you into sin, shame, and doubt or are you able to overcome temptation easily and move on?  Again, honesty is key here!

After answering your mini-evaluation, depending on where you are in this spectrum, I want to offer to you some Biblical advice as well as some practical advice that has help me, while I have been in this state.

While searching though God’s word, I am reminded that Jesus, Himself was tempted many times while He walked this earth.  One of the more noted accounts was during His time of fasting in the wilderness for 40 days.  This recorded account is found in Matthew 4:1-8.  If Jesus was not free from temptation, you and I can be sure that, neither are we!

When faced with temptation we must seek help from a true source, the aid that Christ left for us when He returned to be with the Father.  The Holy Spirit, is our helper, our guide, and our ally during these times!  Crying out or merely petitioning the Holy Spirit is our only hope in desperate times!  I want to leave you with a few more passages that I hope will help you in your time of need.

Matthew 26:41

Luke 22:40

I Corinthians 10:13

Hebrews 2:18

Mark 14:38

Matthew 6:13

As you visit and return to this post this week, I want you to strongly consider many times how you view and deal with temptation and doubt.  I have added a video that I found powerful and helpful.  Be blessed this week and know that you are never alone.


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