Humility Is More Than a Word

Humility Is More Than a Word It occurred to me today just how often we, as adults, consider ourselves to be experts in many areas of our own lives.  By doing this we leave little, if any, room for someone else to be just as right or correct as we are.  This dawned on me... Continue Reading →

Cast your cares on Jesus

I am encouraged today by a great reminder found in Scripture. The Apostle Paul gives us a verse found in Romans chapter 8 verses 38-39. Not only is this a great reminder for me, but I hope it gives you something to think about on this Friday. As I think about following Christ, I know... Continue Reading →

To Surrender is To Find Victory

How many times have we been taught that surrender means defeat?  Nearly all of our history lessons about wars and conflicts have shown us that surrender means giving up and losing at the hands of an enemy.  What if I told you that not all surrender means that you lose, or find defeat by surrender. ... Continue Reading →

Am I giving God enough?

Am I giving God enough?    Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year?  Too many who profess to follow Christ, this is something, that may be weighing on your heart as you look to begin a new year, full of grace, mercy, and of promise.  This question is meant to help challenge you... Continue Reading →


Responsibility This term can have many different definitions and many different images depending on whom you ask.  For the sake of argument, a brief understanding of responsibility can help us render our everyday lives with a little clarity and with a little ease.  Responsibility is defined by Webster Merriam as: the state or fact of... Continue Reading →

What should matter most?

This is a copy from Dr. Mark Eckel off of his website Mark Eckel:   About Myself- I am an educator, speaker, reviewer, and essayist of biblical persuasion with an entrepreneurial spirit. At present, I work as Professor of Leadership, Education & Discipleship for Capital Seminary & Graduate School, Washington, D.C. What should matter most?... Continue Reading →

What Are You Running From? (Jonah 1:1-6)

Entrusted By GOD

WW2015-wk24“For far too many of us, there are only two attitudes toward prayer-those who ‘pray their way in’ and those who ‘pray their way out.’  Most of us, unfortunately, take our prayer lives most seriously when we are trying to ‘pray our way out.’ ” ~ Leonard Sweet

Man has been trying to flee from God since the creation of man. As we reflect back on Genesis 3:8-10, man has attempted to flee rather than follow. Since the very creation of mankind we have found a way, or at least we have tried to find a way, to attempt to flee from God in every facet of our lives. So this poses the question: What are you fleeing from today?

For the next few weeks we will be taking a look at the book of Jonah and attempt to unpack just why man rebels as he does. This week we are…

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